The Real Game Series
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Benefits of The Real Game Series

Enables students to:

  • Imagine the future they dream of living
  • Become intentional and purposeful in achieving their dreams
  • Build and reinforce positive self-concept
  • Relate school experience to career choice and life success
  • Practice teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Learn to make informed learning and life choices
  • Understand the concept of lifelong learning
  • Discover personal skills and talents
  • Relate learning to earning
  • Understand how a local community fits into a global community
  • Explore satisfaction received from diverse work, community and personal roles
  • Explore the relationship between work and broader life roles

Allows educators to:

  • Support and enhance practical aspects of academic learning in subject areas such as language arts, personal and career planning, social studies, fine arts, math, science, technology, economics and geography
  • Utilize a ready-made set of career development activities requiring little preparation
  • Participate in team teaching
  • Promote interaction among educators, students, parents and community
  • Tailor curricula to local settings, interests and needs

Offers parents:

  • Opportunities to share directly in their child's education and career development

Offers businesses:

  • Opportunities to share in the education of their future employee pool


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