The Real Game Series
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Connecting with local and global communities!

Connecting with local and global communities is the central theme of The Make It Real Game for grades 5 and 6. This highly-interactive program requires students to assume adult roles, create simulated towns and businesses, and engage in international business ventures.

Essential skills are developed and fostered, such as teamwork, decision-making, and the ability to make connections between school and future life/work roles.

Game Specs:

  • Targeted for 5th- and 6th-grade students.

  • Organized in 12 core sessions, each with detailed lesson plans and all materials required.

  • Optional activities included for use at the discretion of educators.

  • Classroom work experience provided in a small business setting.

  • Easily localized and linked to community resources and realities.

  • Can be played for 15 to 16 hours (more with optional activities).

  • Links students' life and work roles to all curriculum subjects.

  • Can be team taught by several subject teachers.

  • Lends itself to involvement of peer facilitators.

  • Includes specific learning outcomes for all sessions with performance indicators compliant with the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs.

  • Can readily be linked to other exemplary career development and teaching resources.


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