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The High Five Principles

Five principles, created by career development specialists from across Canada, often referred to as The High Five Principles, are imbedded throughout all activities and learning objectives in The Real Game Series. These principles help students reflect, in an ongoing manner, on the relevance of each of the game's activities to real life, and on the changing nature of the world of work:

Know yourself, believe in yourself, and follow your heart
Know yourself, believe in yourself, and follow your heart. Those with dreams, however outlandish, are the lucky ones. Dreams can lead to an understanding of who we really are and what we really want, a prime motivator in shaping a meaningful, purposeful and rewarding career. No one should be afraid to pursue dreams based on what is in their heart.

Change is constant
We change over time, and so does the world around us-including the working world. In fact, the rate of change is accelerating. People are now likely to experience many jobs, in different career fields and with different employers, during our working lives. Learning how to adapt to change is key. It is said that the future belongs to those that can see it coming. Those who are most aware of change, in themselves and the world around them, are able to make proactive choices and benefit from change - rather than resist or complain about it.

Learning is ongoing
Graduation is not the end of learning. Because change in ourselves, the work world and society is accelerating, we need to keep learning to make the most of changing realities. People have to recognize, seize, and take advantage of opportunities to learn-opportunities that are everywhere.

Focus on the journey
Some people are so focused on the destination, they don't even see the doors of opportunity, good new possibilities, potentially great relationships, etc., along the way. Too often their destination is not even of their their own choosing. It's one their parents or others feel is best for them. We must pay attention to each step of the journey, and become aware of the pitfalls, sidetracks, opportunities, and possibilities for new destinations. We must become good travellors on the journey of life.

Access your allies
The journey of life is not taken alone. Friends, family, teachers, neighbours-all can be willing and helpful allies when it comes to discovering one's heart and dreams, and deciding what steps to take on life's path. And we can be the good allies they need as well.


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